Practising Areas

In my legal practice, I focus primarily on commercial law (commercial contracts, corporate law, unfair competition, transformations of commercial companies), representation in civil proceedings (debt recovery, ownership actions), real estate transfers (compete service including attorney escrow), building law (representation of parties to building proceedings, drafting of applications and submissions).

Entrepreneurs & Commercial Law

  • Consultancy concerning changes in legislation (e.g. GDPR implementation).
  • Corporate law (company foundation, changes in the memorandum of association).
  • Transfers of shares and ownership interests.
  • Transformations of commercial companies (mergers, divisions, transfer of assets to a partner, change of legal form).
  • Contractual business relationships (drafting and revision of commercial contracts, representation in negotiations).
  • General business terms and conditions for e-shops and related agenda.
  • Comprehensive legal consultancy for building and development projects.
  • Reporting and change of trade (trade license, concession, representation before the trade office).
  • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings.

Civil Law

  • Real estate transfers (purchase, sale, donation, attorney escrow).
  • Establishment of easements to real estate (easements, liens, building rights, ban on divestment and encumbrance, et al.).
  • Representation before the land registry, legal audits of real estate and other services concerning real estate and the disposal thereof.
  • Apartment law (lease agreements, vacating of real estate, owners’ declarations).
  • Consumer disputes (claims, compensation of damages).
  • Property disputes.

Labour Law

  • Employment contracts, agreements on work activity and agreements on work performance.
  • Agreements on material liability, agreements on wage deductions.
  • Representation before the courts in labour-law disputes.

Administrative Law

  • Building law (representation of parties to proceedings; submission of petitions, applications and initiatives).
  • Administrative justice.
  • Land registry proceedings.
  • Environmental law.